angels & ancestors


this has been an incredible year of transformation and change for me.  i have been rediscovering myself: my strengths, my challenges, and my life lessons after my life was abruptly changed in direction when my long term relationship ended suddenly while i was deep in wedding plans (for a couple of years).  yes, in hindsight, that was an obvious hint that it was going nowhere fast, yet love is blind.  i was devastated emotionally at the time, and didn’t realize what a gift of freedom i had been given.

letting go of that which no longer serves me and staying present to all of the good and love in my life has returned to my awareness a richness and presence of spirit and energy.  i am honoured to be one of many to witness such palpable presence of grace and benevolence recently at a moment of my family’s greatest sadness and pain.  during my aunt aggie’s funeral mass, as she was being blessed with the incense of frankincense, i became captivated by the rising smoke.  my awareness and attention was fixed and mesmerized as i watched the incense rise in ribbon-like rippling waves which had a peaceful, sparkling energy that i can only describe as having the feeling of the wings of a dove.  i found out later that my cousin, kelly, who was sitting a row in front of me, felt and was also absolutely captivated by it.

moments later, as we were standing outside after we followed my aunt from the church to the hearse for the preparation of cremation, we were all standing there… frozen… no one moved or spoke.  just then, in announcement of their blessings, we could hear a flock of canadian geese approaching.  flying low in a v-formation that i have never seen before, a flock of maybe 50 geese flew over the church behind us, straight over our family standing there, with the v completely filled in, bowling pin style, maybe 5 or 6 deep in parts.  i reflexively reached my hand to the sky in greeting saying “aho metaqueasin” (lakota greeting/response said in sweat lodges meaning something akin to, “yes! you speak my truth”), as i felt this powerful wave of love, peace, magic, and grace.  everyone did.  we all broke out in tears and acknowledgement of how the geese had just blessed us.  one of my aunts said she was asking for a sign just moments before, and she knew that was it.

i was talking about it with my girlfriend that night, and she channeled that it was an angel that i felt/saw in the smoke of the frankincense.  that totally fit with exactly what i feeling and present to.  all of the love present in the church, for my aunt, for my uncle and cousins, for our whole family, was absolutely all encompassing.  i told my cousin my girlfriend’s insight.  my cousin knew in her heart that we had witnessed our dearly beloved aunt getting her wings… on the third day, she rose again, in fulfilment of the scripture.  i believe that the geese bore the spirits of our ancestors and manifested in physical display, bestowing us with all of the love they have for us, and let that descend upon and wash all over us as they came to take her home.

i believe that our loved ones are with us always.  i believe that heaven isn’t so much as “out there”,  but really “in here”- in our hearts, minds, memories, and in our legacy.  as einstein said, “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another.”  our love is eternal and powerful beyond measure.  it was the combined love of our family on this day which lifted the veil to make visible that which is not usually seen, but can often be felt.

as we gather in celebration of the winter solstice and christmas, let us fill our hearts with the light of love for ourselves and for our friends and family members- past, present, and future.  may this love bring forth the greatest spirit of loving kindness and compassion.  and may the magic of this season bring forth a world profoundly related through joy, peace, happiness, and love.

merry christmas my beloveds, and have a most blessed new year!!







peace and love my goddess sisters


bonne fete grand maman!! today she would have been 92, 2 1/2 weeks now in the spirit realm… i dedicate this post in honour of her generously loving example.  at her funeral mass i “called an audible” and changed the first reading that i was to do, with the blessing of my family and her priest, father dennis, whom agreed wholeheartedly that it honoured her life more than the reading he originally proposed.  it works now, too.

“4 love is patient, love is kind.  it is not jealous, {love} is not pompous, it is not inflated,

5 it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury,

6 it does not rejoice over wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth.

7 it bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things.

8 love never fails….

13 so faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

i corinthians, chapter 13, 4-13

my intention today is to return powerful peace and radiant enlightened love to my goddess sisters.  i wish to share with you the tools that i have used to decrease my anxiety over the years in hopes that it may be of value to any of you who may be feeling a little tense, anxious, or down-right fearful due to the election, upcoming holiday season, or even the everyday life changes in health, relationships, work, children, et al..

one of the simplest tools i use for stress relief is to take a bath.  add to your bath water 2 cups of epsom salts fragranced with either 5-10 drops of essential oil (lavender, rose, your favourite) or i love aura cassia’s lavender bath or comforting geranium with rose, and 3 tbsp. of baking soda to increase osmolarity of the bath.  by increasing the osmolarity, it enhances the ability of your bath to pull out toxins from your body by passive diffusion.  i plan on being in the bath for at least an hour when i choose to give myself the time to take one.  i bring a table next to the tub and i have a whole set up for my bath including: a glass of ice water with a back up bottle for refills, a pot of tea, some tea biscuits (cookies), candles, calm music and/or a guided meditation, a book, my journal and pen, sudoku puzzle… what ever you enjoy and brings you peace.  it’s delightfully so good for you.  all you do is breathe.  relax.  enjoy.  the longer you soak, the more toxins leave your body and your stress lowers with each beautiful breath.

my most adorable tool is my beloved dog, artur.  pets, especially dogs,  are scientifically proven to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, lower blood pressure, increase dopamine and serotonin which help our bodies calm and relax, lower triglyceride and cholesterol levels which are indicators of cardiovascular health.  artur makes me smile and laugh all day.  i have joked that he’s my version of a fit bit.  he indicates, either by the bells we have hung at the front door for him to jingle or by a nudging nose on my leg, about every couple of hours to go on walk about for some exercise and fresh air.  pets heal us by fulfilling our need of touch by petting and snuggling with them.  if you are allergic, or for some other reason do not wish to have a furry pet, fish have also been found to be statistically medically therapeutic.

additionally, there’s the patch adams approach to health and healing, laugh medicine.  he has a phenomenal movement in healing all founded on this approach to health that is called the gesundheit! institute.  studies support the connection between laughter and humour and how it enhances our immune system and benefits our health and well being.  so watch movies, t.v. shows, and read books that you find to be funny and make you laugh and smile.  make a point to talk to people that you enjoy, find uplifting, and feel happy and loved when in their presence- even over the phone.  it’s your world.  you get to create how you live it.  focus your attention and energy of what you love and brings you joy.  when you find something that disturbs your peace, you get to choose: it is worth your energy to engage and get off track?  instead you can choose to focus on increasing your joy and happiness.

some excellent ways to relieve stress and refocus is by meditation, exercise, and yoga.  i wrote a dissertation on the health benefits of these three on body, mind, and spirit.  in summary, exercise (a thirty minute daily walk) has been found to ward off diseases such as: cardiovascular, diabetes, stroke, cancer, improve immune function to ward off colds and flu, improve sleep, and induce an anti-aging effect.  while exercising the endorphins released create a euphoric feeling with an energizing outlook that help us lower stress, anxiety, and depression.  it increases our optimism and outlook on life, energy level, and self-esteem while empowering our spirit with an internal locus of control.  yoga has many of the same cardiovascular benefits in addition to increasing strength, flexibility, and balance.  it increases our mood while alleviating fatigue, anxiety, stress, and depression.  yoga brings together physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of body and mind as it increases vital energy by controlling the breath.

one of the ways i love to unwind at the end of the day is with a large cup of herbal tea.  tea is a very subtle medicine, yet the cumulative effect can be very nourishing to our body and soul.  you can purchase single herb tea or combination of several herbs in a tea, like “sleepy time” or “tension tamer” by celestial seasonings, “calm chamomile” by tazo, or “nighty night” by traditional medicinals.. to name but a few.  some of the herbs that i would recommend most for calming and soothing the nervous system are listed below.  try them individually or in combination.  have fun and see what you enjoy most and works for you.

  • chamomile (matricaria chamomilla)- a mild sedative for nervousness, indigestion, anti-bacterial and for colds & flu  (note: contraindicated in pregnancy, possible ragweed allergies, do not take with warfarin or if have a bleeding disorder)
  • lavender (lavendula angustifolia/officinalis)- mild sedative for nervous exhaustion.  i personally do not like it in tea, but love the essential oil applied to my wrists so that i may inhale its calming powers  (note: contraindicated in pregnancy)
  • lemon balm (melissa officinalis)- calms nervous indigestion, headaches, insomnia, depression, and hypertension if associated with stress. also found to be anti-viral, so excellent for colds and flu  (note: contraindicated in pregnancy, while breast feeding, and with hypothyroidism)
  • passion flower (passiflora incarnate)-  sedative that depresses the central nervous system, which makes it useful for treating insomnia, nervous tension, stress headaches, and lowering high blood pressure  (note: contraindicated in pregnancy)
  • peppermint (mentha piperita)- relieves nervous headache and nervous palpitations of the heart, stomach tonic helping with indigestion, nausea, and gas, antibacterial and helpful with colds & flu  (note: contraindicated in pregnancy, acute gall stones, or with a hiatal hernia)
  • skullcap (scutellaria lateriflora)- a nerve tonic and sedative useful in anxiety, nervous exhaustion, and insomnia
  • valerian (valeriana officinalis)- calms nervous tension and anxiety, relieves stress and insomnia, sedative effect without causing drowsiness, relieves tension headache, lowers blood pressure, increases levels of GABA

i updated the reference library on my wesite: to include the research that i have done on herbs and my dissertation cited above if anyone is interested in more information on these subjects.

please remember what a treasure you are and take great care of the body, mind, and spirit that you have blessed this life with.  all of my love & peace to you!


dr. beth

happy imbolc


in perfect alignment with imbolc, also celebrated as st. brigid’s day, the celebration of the coming of spring, a robin joined me in the garden while i was taking measurements.  the first robin of 2016 for me, followed by a fly by of a small v formation of canadian geese heading north.  “welcome home,” i saluted them all.  imbolc marks the half-way point between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox.  we can all see that the days are gratefully getting longer, most especially because i have to adjust the timer on my outside walkway lights.  glorious!

i was taking measurements in the garden to create an accurate drawing of the dimensions of the space that we marked out last fall.  i walked the area in the winter, a tabula rasa (latin: blank slate) with it all covered in snow allowing only the most prominent large rocks, the sundial, stake markings, and mature dormant plants to be visible.  it was a lovely space while being remarkably incomplete, which only makes me more excited to see how incredible it will be next winter in all of its glory.

this month is full of love, gratitude, and hope.  winter is ebbing away and spring is growing closer.  next week is mardi gras and ash wednesday, a time to enjoy the bounty and then choose an aspect of our self to create personal growth and cultivate new habits and awareness… leading to our own transformation and rebirth in the coming easter.  most especially, my favourite day this month is valentine’s day.  i love, love, love hearts!! i write them everywhere, see them in things like rocks, clouds, wood grain in the hard wood floors of our foyer, everywhere.  i love that there’s a day where we tell everyone that we love them.  a day that love is celebrated and rejoiced.

the name brigid means “fiery arrow” or “bright one”, once again underscoring the increasing light.  in this time, flow with the energy of light and transformation, and allow this increase in light and love into yourself.  take stock, gather dimensions, and appreciate all that you are blessed with.  then, be still, and listen to your heart and spirit and ask what is next for you along your journey of evolution.  make some plans, draw up your projects and dreams.  then choose one small thing that you can do to manifest that glorious insight into physical reality.  i continuously remind myself of sark’s wisdom, “celebrate your micromovements”.  this means, after you complete a small step, celebrate, enjoy, take it in.  the increase in energy you get from this will propel you forward to creating another micromovement.

in honour of st. brigid, goddess of poetry, healing, and smithcraft, also fertility and creation (gardens, crafts, food) let’s all bring forth more love and light.  what dreams lie inside you waiting to be unveiled and given the light of day? i do my best to play and have fun while manifesting my dreams, which for me include drawing up some garden plans. i am most grateful that the winter is ending and soon it shall be spring…. time to dig and create my garden reality.  what are your dreams?  i invite you to play with me and manifest one.  blessed be my sisters and brothers with all my love. namaste’




sacred & magical confluence


today is the day we are all getting back into our purpose in the world.  i am  blessed to have had a wonderful holiday filled with love of family and friends.  my greatest gift this year was that i had a most magical christmas eve dream that felt like a powerful message from spirit that i am honoured to share to you.

in my dream i was with my friend at an energetic nexus and confluence of sacred spaces and items, activated at this moment in time as we walked through them like a journey.  we went around the grounds of a college campus-like place, barefoot in the snow, in honour of dr. benedict lust (a father of naturopathy and hydrotherapy whom would walk in the snow with bare feet).  the snow was barely cold and the magic was palpable, we knew we had to do this to activate and unlock our part.

traveling about the campus in admiration of trees that were alight from within each branch and glowing softly under the dusting of snow.  further seeing and feeling the glorious energy from streams of water, hillsides, and even buildings.  while we stood, captivated by one building that was in the shape of a very tall isosceles triangle, a harmonic vibration completely enveloped us each.  it was like being tuned into the frequency with which we are destined to achieve, activated now in this time and space, unlocked by the path we had just taken to be “right here, right now”, as sung by jesus jones.  the path was the key, without each step taken, at each specific space and time, with each lesson accrued, it would not have accumulated in the ability to stand here now- receiving the evolutionary shift in consciousness necessary to awaken a new gift.

after our bodies had been re-tuned to our new frequency of evolution we went inside a building where we learned of our new gifts.  we went in separate directions initially.  i went into an auditorium/classroom where i could see information on a screen that to everyone else in the room appeared dark and blank.  while taking notes on what i saw, i could feel my friend approaching behind me.  i handed her a sheet that had some word that i had never seen before, and asked her if she knew what it meant.

she said that it is an ancient ruin-like abbreviation, that is an astrological term for a confluence of magical time and space- what we had just experienced!! this was why and what had happened outside, which were my questions.  my new gift was to literally see the answers to my questions.  if i hold a question or query strongly at the centre of my mind, focus on it, clearing aside all other thoughts… then at the moment of stilled concentration the answer will appear literally before me.

she had just been meditating and reading about magical confluences in a sacred text on the astral plane where she came across the word that i had just transcribed and asked her about.  the word sums up the phenomena: the two of us together, in that time and space, with our culmination of journeys, lessons, and achievements, opened a portal of enlightenment that will create opportunities in this life never before conscionable.  we are now, and hereafter ever more shall be, living our lives on an evolutionarily-evolved existence creating and manifesting opportunities, information, and gifts that have not been on earth in a very long time- if ever at all.

we are born again, yet look as we had this morning when we awakened.  while in juxtaposition, we have awakened aspects of ourselves that create a magical awareness that is an effervescent sparkle with a magnitude that we have never had prior while walking along this earth journey.

alas… our magical essence has been returned to us upon this earth.  i believe that this christmas magic dream was for us all.  inside each and every one of us is a magical goddess.  we have walked this earth with journeys, lessons, and achievements that have enriched our souls which are now retrieved in healing, sparking light.  part full moon, part winter solstice, part christmas magic, part union of spirit, part winds of change, and part culmination of lessons learned and steps taken with a heart full of love… we are aware of the beauty and glory within ourselves to fulfill our greater purpose on earth.  feel the grace of your higher spirit-self imbue your awareness of your magical sparkle.  spirit guides, guardian angels, auras, vital force, and chi are all parts of our our energetic magnificence.  your harmonic frequency is the greatest is has ever been, and your new gifts await your discovery.  know that you are a blessing to all whom you encounter with your love, kindness, and wisdom.  blessed be my fellow goddesses.  happy new year!  namaste’

happy first full moon of 2015


happy 12th day of christmas, too! with the full moon in cancer, an emotional water sign that loves home, it’s a prime time to give ourselves a lot of nurturing and soul love. maybe enjoy or create something lovely for our home space. today, i am enjoying the lovely soft glow of our christmas decorations for the last night… for epiphany is on tomorrow. i love how the mantle of our fireplace has a beautiful soft glow of white lights in the greenery that embraces it. i enjoy the sparkle of our multicolour tree, decorated with santa’s workshop themed ornaments and how it warms our family room. even more, i love our white light tree which glitters with crystal ornaments and angels in the front window of our living room. i enjoy and adore it while standing outside and looking at the front of our house. most of all, my favourite decoration is what i call the four layers of fabulousness. we are blessed with a 2 story foyer with the staircase going upstairs. the banister looks so happy and festive when decorated with green roping (which also denotes the glorious aromatic pine of the season), white lights, crystal snow flake roping, and a white/opalescent garland. this year i took it to 4.5 layers of fabulousness by adding bows at the base and the rosemary and rose plants that grow in our foyer. the windows that surround and crown our front door afford a glorious site of the festively illuminated banister rising along the staircase and protecting the walkway that opens to the foyer below while looking in from outside. walking our chocolate lab, artur, many, many times daily, i get to see and enjoy this site often. it warms my heart to see the soft beauty and sparkle. some take down decorations on the 26th of december. some before the new year. myself, i wait until epiphany and the 12th day of christmas to take them down, the two christmas trees, stockings, mantle greenery and nativity, kitchen rotation of christmas plates, platters, cups, et al. soon i shall remove the 4.5 layers of fabulousness (when the roping becomes so dry it is a must). my favourite part of christmas is having everyone over to share the love and happiness of being together. it’s awesome to add tables to our dining room tables and extend it into the living room for one massively long table to seat everyone, in addition to a fun cousins’ table in the kitchen. bringing forth that love of home and family into the remainder of the year, kindling the light within and the spirit of joy, peace, happiness, and love is what the winter solstice is all about. the full moon in cancer tells us to harvest what we have sown in these same areas, further to nourish ourselves and recharge our soul with the love that surrounds us. do something wonderful and nourishing for yourself. as the three wise men gifted jesus we celebrate on epiphany, gift yourself with peaceful, loving actions and thoughts. celebrate the treasure that is you!

happy new moon with a solar eclipse in scorpio


autumn is seriously underway.  the geraniums are inside again for the winter, a trick my step-mom, jo-anne, taught me.  in michigan they freeze and die in the winter.  if you transplant them & bring them inside for the winter, they are very happy to go back outside in the spring (after the threat of frost is past).  they even flower inside during the winter, and who doesn’t love more oxygen & pretty, happy flowers over the winter.

raking leaves, winterizing the sprinkler system, trimming down flowers, and decorating for halloween… all activities of october.  signs of the shift in energy back inside.  a new moon is the time to start anew, to make plans, to plant seeds (metaphorically).  scorpio is the water sign of intuition and psychic abilities.  this is an excellent time to be still and quiet, to listen to your intuition, higher self, or spirit guide and to get in touch with what your soul needs at this time for fulfillment.  fall and winter are times to go within ourselves and to nourish our tranquility and harmony.

sark has an amazing line that i use often from make your creative dreams real.  she says to “celebrate your micromovements”.  by definition, a micromovement is an action of 5 sec to 5 min in duration.  it is a step of a series of steps in which a larger task can be broken down into.  at the completion of each micromovent, take a moment to celebrate it.  the joy of completion fills me with a surge of energy, plus appreciating the beauty of what ever i have just created, cleaned, organized, or outlined increases my energy even more!  i must confess, i have micromovements of significantly greater duration than 5 sec… but it gives me a wonderful freedom to declare a task complete as soon as i choose.  it is a wonderful mindset to help from feeling overwhelmed, for i do not feel compelled to perfectly complete a project to the end once i begin it.  it’s ok to break it up into smaller sections and to enjoy the process of doing things that take a long time… like gardening, painting, or decorating for the holidays.

with this in mind, be still, listen to your heart and soul… what does is have to say?  what do you feel guided to do for yourself at this time?  go ahead now and plant a seed of intention in that direction, and be sure to “celebrate your micromovements” along the way.

happy samhain!




happy autumnal equinox


according to d. j. conway, in celtic magic, the autumnal equinox is a “balance of light and dark.  time of rest after labor, completion of the harvest, thanksgiving.  a good time for meditations on reincarnations in preparation for ancestor night or halloween.”

my version of rest after labour comes in the form of sewing projects.  after working in the garden last week, every night going to bed aching from the day’s labour & swearing i will rest the next day… then in the morning being inspired to do one more gardening miniproject… i finally completed a nice project and was able to let my body rest from the garden.   with the sundial in place in the centre of the garden, i chose to plant herbs that honour the four directions and bear the colours for each direction.  e. barrie kavasch in the medicine wheel garden, creating sacred space for healing, celebration, and tranquility, lists the colours for east is yellow/gold, south is blue/purple, west is red/magenta, and north is white/silver.  using this colour guide, in line towards the east of the garden i transplanted from my front gardens a few feet of calendula  which beautifully contains the yellow and gold.


towards the south i transplanted a line of spearmint and two sage plants, to which i further plant to add some chives.  all of these plants have rich purple flowers.


in a line stretching westward i transplanted echinacea which gives the beautiful magenta flowers to celebrate this direction in addition to a vibrant red volunteer snap dragon.


lastly, i transplanted melissa officianalis, lemon balm, with its white flowers, in a line towards the north with a lacy volunteer alyssum of voluminous white.


getting ready for winter, i move a couple of maple saplings that had grown to three & a half feet tall from the front yard growing around the ash tree into the garden by the pond, for a temporary winter home.  i wrap the ash tree in the front yard, along with two very large red maple trees, with white lights for winter.  the saplings had grown so large this spring & summer that they would provide a great challenge while decorating the ash tree trunk with lights.  the saplings may be moved into the common area behind our yard, with the four others that i moved two years ago, that line the road… one tree every 20 feet… in hopes of a beautiful of canopy of fall colours of vibrant red in the coming years.   with the possibility of an intense winter, i have chosen to keep the saplings in the garden for now, and see if all the trees thrive until next spring.

so.. my sewing projects:  with my new shipment of jars & lids for the next batch of boo boo salve, plus a new addition of sample jars, & lids, having arrived.. i needed a savvy way of storing them after i had given everything an initial cleansing.  my grandma has been going through her closets and giving away many of her beloved & valuable collections of material, embroidery thread, lace, et al, & asked me if i had created anything from her baskets of sewing materials treasures.  i had only done a few mending projects until just recently.  finally, the baskets had announced themselves as being the perfect storing containers!  to be lined with a fabulous white cotton fabric and creating several layers of placemat-like divisions between the glass tiers of jars.



for the lids, sample jars, & sample jar lids i created bags of the white fabric with seams sewn over twice on the inside to give it a clean finish that will not leave little threads of material could contaminate the washed jars & lids.  for the “piece de la resistance”, i embroidered labels for each of the identical white fabric bags to describe the contents of each.  what a beautiful, functional, & elegant way to store my jars & lids, while using my shared gifts from my grandma and elevating them to a new, amazing purpose.


thank you, grandma, for sharing the joy & passion of sewing!  it is a family tradition that i have been blessed with on both my mother & father’s sides… as far back as we can remember… we are crafters, sewers, knitters, artists of cloth, yarn, wood, and earth.  may the legend continue… it shall be my honour.